Your Childrenstore in Älmhult

A portuguese family with 3 children living today in Sweden are the "responsables" to have TUGA KIDS today . 

TUGA it´s the nickname for Portuguese!
Together we create the identity of the company and TUGA  KIDS was born under the statement "Follow your dreams!".

Even before I become mother of 3 children, I have this dream about having my own company, children related, a long time ago... and, it was in Sweden that the dream turned reality!

Today I finally have my own childrenstore in Älmhult.

    Having passion for children items and exploring the market securing that it's a everyday need, TUGA KIDS  offer a range of children clothes, shoes and acessories from 0-10 years, with an affordable price offer always focus on comfort and quality.
Our offer represents us in a way and we have brands from different parts of the world, including Swedish and Portuguese brands, with the focus on organic and quality certification.


With our offer we aim always for fun, comfort and freedom to your children, for them to explore the world throught their enormous imagination and to grow ready to"Follow their dreams"! You can find us in Älmhult.

With our webshop all products are also available for you in different parts of Sweden and the rest of the Europe.
Enjoy the fun!


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